Sawhorse is a small residential building firm owned and run by Tom Bell. We offer renovations, re-builds, additions and new-builds.

Renovation specialists

Our main focus is renovations and additions on older homes such as bungalows and villas. Renovation carpentry differs from building new houses. It involves on-site, hands-on carpentry rather than putting together pre-fabricated wall frames and roof trusses. A specific skill set is required to be able to marry together original traditional carpentry with modern design and current building code requirements. We can deliver a high quality modern finish while maintaining the integrity of the existing dwelling. As a company we have had extensive experience with working on these types of homes and the challenges that they often present.

Challenging sites, difficult dig-outs, adding new levels to existing houses and managing the transition between old and new are all issues that we are qualified and confident to deal with. It is common for unforeseen problems and design issues to crop up during a build on a heritage home. Tom has wide-ranging experience with these types of issues and will work with the clients, their architects, and engineers to efficiently find a suitable solution.

Dealing with council

We have learnt from our clients that planning and undertaking a build in Auckland’s current building environment can be very daunting. Tom is very experienced and confident in dealing with Auckland Council in respect to the building code. He is well versed in the current codes of practice and regularly interacts with many of the building inspectors that work in the central suburbs. This means that he can confidently ensure that building inspections will take place at the right time  and be passed during each stage of your build.

From the building set-out process, to building inspections, to achieving code of compliance at the end of the project, Tom is more than happy to advocate for his clients and be the go-between when it is time to deal with the council.

Full project management

Having the right sub-contractor team working with the builder and client is crucial to the overall success of a building project. Over the past ten years Tom has fine-tuned a team of quality sub-contractors that offers a high level finish for a fair price. Tom has a good on-going relationship with all of his chosen sub-contractors and is confident they will turn up on time and deliver a high level of workmanship.