Undertaking a building project can be one of the biggest financial investments a person will make. We understand that it is nerve-wracking for a client to put their financial trust into a builder. You want to know that you will end up with a high quality build for a fair price.

Tom is a trained quantity surveyor and is well qualified to put together a competitive but realistic quote for your project. At Sawhorse we believe in being honest and transparent about costs during every stage of a build.


We offer two different quoting options:

  1. Fixed price contract
  2. Cost plus contract (charge up)

We appreciate that our clients don’t want an unrealistic quote only to be charged for lots of extras throughout the build. Tom will be very up-front and honest about any aspects of the project that are difficult to price or that may potentially be the cause of unforeseen costs. His cost estimates and quotes include contingency sums to mitigate for any unforeseen or additional expenses. These contingency sums are based on experience and a database of similar building projects.

Cost planning and Budgeting

We often find that clients want to explore ways in which they can fine-tune their project budget. They may want to reduce costs in one area in order to free up money for spending in other areas. From preliminary cost estimates during the planning stage through to cost control during the job, Tom will work to get you the best build for your budget.


Our invoicing is transparent. In a cost-plus contract (charge-up) situation we invoice at regular intervals. Our margins are shown as percentages on materials and subcontractors. Invoices from our suppliers and sub-contractors are clearly itemised and copies are available for clients to view if requested. Hourly rates for each of our carpenters are clearly shown in the labour portion of our invoice.